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Do you like things a little ruffley? Katy from My China Doll shares her tips and tricks for adding ruffles to the legs of BOO! swimwear.  For a super cute,... Read more ›

pattern hack

By Marnie from Horris & Deedle My daughter has two older brothers and as a result, she’s spent loads of her little life beside rugby fields on cool winter mornings... Read more ›

pattern hack

Our last school disco was 2 years ago and Holly and I came up with our light up dress idea.  This year she requested something equally as awesome to suit... Read more ›

pattern hack

Tank Dress Mash by Marnie from Horris & Deedle.BOO! Spandex in our house is worn on high rotation by myself and my daughter, especially when the weather is warm. My... Read more ›

pattern hack

By Katy Lam of My China Doll. Adding tulle tutu skirts to the ultimate swimmers pattern is super fun and totally cute! Using a panel with a tutu skirt also makes... Read more ›

pattern hack

By Katy Lam of My China Doll. Adding a gorgeous tulle overlay to the Boo! Skater dress can add that extra bit of wow to an outfit. I like to use... Read more ›

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By Carly from Miss Edee Designs.In this tutorial I will show you what adjustments I make when using power mesh on the bodice of a sleeved skater dress. Decide where you... Read more ›

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By Carly Targato (Miss Edee Designs)Off the shoulder swimmers are very on trend at the moment and can be easily created by mashing the ultimate suit and flounce dress together. By mashing... Read more ›

pattern hack, skater dress, sleeved skater dress

What you need... Spandex Skater Dress, Sleeved Skater Dress or Flounce Dress Donut Skirt (free pattern) (optional) Tulle Overlay Cut Guide (free pattern) Battery powered string lights (aim for about 5m long... Read more ›

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By Simone from India's Closet.Im so excited to be able to sew the tweenie rashie for Indy so I have used that pattern to demonstrate this hack.Cut your rashie out, and... Read more ›

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Hi, I am Mary-Anne from Missy Moo. I feel pretty honoured (and nervous) that Kristie asked if I’d like to write up a blog tute on how I make my... Read more ›

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By Kristy from Miss Macie DesignsThe day had come when my boys decided they were too grown up to wear the boys swimming briefs and now required “Jammers” for their school... Read more ›

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 You may have noticed that the mermaid dress has a more dramatic variation in front to back skirt length to the mermaid skirt. There were a few reasons for this:  Better... Read more ›

my china doll, pattern hack, sleeved skater dress

Hi I'm Katy from my china doll and I am self professed BOO! spandex addict lol! I created a princess dress for my daughter using the Boo! metallics range and added... Read more ›

Lil, pattern hack, ultimate suit

Hi Rockstars!I'm Lil (a.k.a. Nin Ja Moo) and I am so thrilled to be here!  When Kristie asked if I would do a blog post about adding a frill only... Read more ›

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The amazing Steph from Owl & I has agreed to share the method she uses for adding a tulle overlay to the skater dress This will work for the Spandex... Read more ›

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SEW ALONG: BOO! LEGGINGS – Day 4 So now that you have made your first pair of leggings I thought I would show you how to make a few simple adjustments... Read more ›

horris and deedle, indias closet, panels, pattern hack, swimmers

PIMP YOUR PATTERN: SWIMMERS RUFFLES Get the India’s Closet look! The lovely Simone has shared how she adds her ruffles to the bottom of togs. 1. Cut ruffles 2.3 x... Read more ›