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BOO! Spandex - What you need to know!

BOO! Spandex - What you need to know!

We are often asked if our swim fabric is UPF50+ but wanted to explain a few other properties that are equally as important!

Recycled Fabric: Recycled yarn from waste material is completely reconverted and transformed into new raw material.
Ultra-chlorine resistant:  Fabric is considerably resistant to attack by active chlorine. 
Sun creams and oils resistant: Fabric has high resistance to sun creams and oils. 
Muscle Control: Fabric assures right muscle compression during physical activity, slashing lactic acid formation.
Shape Retention: Maintains shape even after multiple uses. 
Excellent UV protection: Fabric offers high protection from UV rays (UPF50+ is the maximum value obtainable). FYI a white t-shirt that you pop on your kid to run around out in the sun all day can have a UPF rating of only UPF5-UPF10!
Excellent Coverage: Fabric provides outstanding coverage.
Soft: Soft fabric that is pleasant to the touch.
Ultra Flat: Fabric is specifically manufactured to be very flat (much flatter than similar fabrics that are the same 'weight') so it is not bulky.
Two-way Stretch: Referred to as 4 way stretch in some regions (like Australia).  Has excellent stretch both up and down and side to side.

Click here if you would like to know more about the process used to produce the recycled fabric for my BOO! solids.  It's a really interesting little video!

BOO! prints and solids contain a whopping 22% Lycra.  The higher the Lycra/spandex content, the better the quality (also the higher the cost sadly).  This percentage is hugely important when it comes to swimwear, dance wear and activewear so that the fabric stretches nicely with the body for comfort and retains its shape with body heat and regular wear. 

BOO! (printed and solid swim) fabrics comply with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and are manufactured in Europe and printed in both Europe and Australia.

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  • Lies Claeys

    I’m Lies, living in Belgium and loving your fabrics and patterns.
    A big thing, The big costs (for import fabrics into Europe if I want to order some).
    Now I saw that some of the fabrics are printed in Europe and I’m wondering if there is a possibility to be wholesaler of Europe for your fabric? That they don’t have to cross the oceans twice for example? Maybe there is a possibility to find an agreement? Would love to!
    Kind regards!
    ’t NaaiateLies

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