About us

What’s in a name?

The name BOO! came about before my son was born, we didn’t know whether he was a boy or girl and rather than ‘it’ we called ‘it’ BOO! after Boo from Monsters Inc.

When my son was little he loved to play BOO! and used to always put his hands over his ears instead of his eyes and yell BOO! at us. We referred to him as our cheeky monkey and he always had funky hair which is where my little monkey logo came from.

Who am I?

My name is Kristie. I started creating after my son was born and my first project was bed linen for him. When I found out a girl was on the way, I started making nappy covers and outfits for her and started selling clothing I made through Facebook.

I had a lot of ideas for patterns but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for and the inconsistency in sizing between the patterns I was using bugged me. I decided to go and learn how to do it myself so that I could put out a more consistent product and that is when my passion was really born.

BOO! is not just me, I have an incredibly supportive network of family and friends who help out behind the scenes all the time because they love it as much as me.

Get Social

Join the BOO! Pattern Club to show off your creations, or be inspired by the awesomeness of others. It is also where I do sneak peaks, pattern launch discount codes and pattern tester call outs.

You can also follow along on Instagram and use #boodesigns to tag your creations!

About our products

BOO! patterns

Inspired by the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ novels I liked to read when growing up BOO! patterns contain lots of different endings (options) in the patterns and if you don’t like the ending the first time through, just change it next time or you can turn back a few pages (unpick) to change the result!

When creating patterns, I am consider my existing patterns as well as those still in my head and include options and techniques that can easily be applied from one pattern to another.  By all means, create something straight from the pattern, there are lots of options to choose from, but when you get bored of doing that, challenge yourself to have a play and create something awesome by mashing patterns together!

BOO! products

The online store stocks unique sewing products to compliment your BOO! patterns.

BOO! is best know for quality Lycra, metal zips and luxurious colourful waistband elastic. Many of the fabrics available have been exclusively designed by myself and my fabulous friends and are unique to BOO! Designs.

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