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Top Pattern Picks for BOO! Velvet

Top Pattern Picks for BOO! Velvet
Feeling like cosying up in some of our snuggly stretch velvet? We've compiled a list patterns by other designers that work beautifully with our velvet.
Pattern: Charlie Bomber Jacket
Designer: Jalie Patterns
Sewist: Marnie from Horris and Deedle
BOO! Fabric: Velvet Leopard Allover Natural; Luxe Velvet Cerise

Pattern: Hudson Hoodie
Designer: Peekaboo Patterns
Sewist: Leisa from i.e.KIDS
BOO! Fabric: Velvet Triangles Sherbet
Pattern: Oversize Dress 
Designer: Nip Naps (Makerist Patterns)
Sewist: Katy from My China Doll
BOO! Fabric: Velvet Cheetah Tapestry

Pattern: Vivax Top and Dress
Designer: Sofilantjes Patterns
Sewist: Marnie from Horris and Deedle
BOO! Fabric: Velvet Kindle Lilac

Pattern: Hibernis Cowl Shirt
Designer: Sofiljantes
Sewist: Simone from India's Closet
BOO! Fabric: Peacock Swirl (discontinued); Garden Romance Teal (disc.)

Pattern: Hudson Hoodie
Designer: Made for Mermaids
Sewist: Katy from My China Doll
BOO! Fabric: Velvet Kindle Lilac; Spandex Popper

Pattern: Mini Page Hoodie
(Pants: BOO! Phoenix Pants)
Designer: Chalk and Notch
Sewist: Marnie from Horris and Deedle
BOO! Fabric: Velvet Textured Leopard Mint

Pattern: Jordan Top and Dress 
Designer: Made for Mermaids
Sewist: Courtney from Zen Street
BOO! Fabric: Velvet Nebula Multi; Luxe Velvet Black

Pattern: Hug Hoodie for Teens
Designer: MadeIt Patterns
Sewist: Courtney from Zen Street
BOO! Fabric: Velvet Aqua Botanical Multi (disc.); Luxe Velvet Cerise

Pattern: Youth Rory Raglan
Designer: Made for Mermaids
Sewists: Simone from India's Closet; Marnie from Horris and Deedle
BOO! Fabric: Velvet Ikat Stripe Pastel; Velvet Prowler Pink; Velvet Double Stripe Navy

Pattern: Sausalito
Designer: Little Lizard King
Sewist: Carly from Miss Edee Designs
BOO! Fabric: Velvet Chroma Animal Skin Blue; Spandex Eco Platinum Embossed Panthera; Velvet Kindle Lilacd

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  • Shasha Ingbritsen

    Hi Marnie. Have you hacked the pockets on the bomber jacket? They look different than the original pattern and I love them! Thanks

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