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Embrace Togs Sew Along - Day 1

Embrace Togs Sew Along - Day 1


Follow the GET THE RIGHT FIT guide in the pattern to create your pattern pieces.

If printing with layers, select both the hip size and chest size for printing.

The fit page has EVERYTHING you need to know, have a good read and try and work out what you need to do.  It is very straight forward.  If in between sizes, go up.

If you truely stuck with the sizing adjustments and need help to proceed, add your measurements and what you THINK you need to do on this post and someone will be able to help you confirm if you've got it right!  



After cutting out your first pair of togs, you can use offcuts to practice stitch settings. Once you are happy with your settings, take a photo on your phone or write them down.

Sewing Machine
Seams: The most popular seam finishes on the sewing machine are

  • Triple straight stitch (1)
  • stretch stitch/lightening bolt (2) 
  • medium zig zag stitch (3)
Top Stitching: The most popular top stitching finishes are a triple zig zag stitch (4), or twin needle finish. 
Consult your machine manual for twin needle stitching and make sure you use a 'stretch' twin needle.

Ensure threads are balanced, the images below should give you an idea of what you want it to look like.  it is useful to use 2 different colours in the loopers when trying to help with getting your settings right.   

General notes on overlocker settings for stretch sewing.
  • Increase needle tensions slightly.
  • Decrease looper tensions if using stretch thread/woolly nylon
  • Decrease stitch length
  • Increase differential

Images below:
Polyester thread all spools (1)
Polyester thread for needles, wooly nylon for loopers (2)
Polyester thread for needles, Maxi-lock Stretch for loopers (3)

A perfect stitch should not break when you S-T-R-E-T-C-H it right out. 

The seam should show very little grinning (thread showing through on right side), when the seam is stretched open. 

If you have these settings right, you are GOOD TO GO!  Go ahead and sew your seams!


Here is a little video to help you as well.

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  • Lynette Reilly

    I can’t wait to get into it. I’ve been feeling my way from directions on other Boo but seeing it in the ‘virtual’ flesh is so comforting. I know I can do this. You make it seem so simple you have me believing it 😝🌷

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