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Getting Started with Applique

Getting Started with Applique
By Miss Edee Designs

Appliquéing spandex is a fun and easy way to add pictures, shapes or words to your Boo! outfit. You can applique with regular Boo! spandex, sports performance and metallic spandex, It’s also a great way to use up your scraps!

You will need HeatnBond Lite soft stretch fusible web and a non-stick applique mat (pressing cloth), both can be found here in the Boo! shop.

First you will need to cut out your pattern piece that you want to applique then decide what design you want to add on. Pinterest and google is a really good source for inspiration. You can find lots of printable letters, shapes, numbers and pictures online or you can just draw your template. Use your pattern piece to check right size image and adjust it if needed.

Once you have your template ready you can work out what size fusible web and spandex you will need to cut. Layer the spandex (right side down), fusible web (adhesive side down) then the pressing cloth on top. Make sure the fusible web is smaller than your spandex so you don’t iron it to the ironing board. Press firmly for 10-15 seconds with a hot iron (no steam). Make sure the web has bonded entirely, if it hasn’t just press again.


Next you need to trace your design onto the paper side of the fusible web. This will need to be traced on mirror image or back to front so it comes out the right way.

Cut out the traced design then place it onto your pattern piece. Once you have got everything in the right spot, peel off the backing paper and place your pressing cloth on top then press firmly with a hot iron. You may have to go over it a few times to make sure it has all bonded.

Top stitch the applique down with a straight stitch, reduce the stitch length slightly to allow for the stretch of the spandex (alternatively stitch with a short narrow zig zag stitch straddling the edge of the applique to enclose the raw edges).
If your design needs multiple fabrics/layers, for example a face, add one layer at a time top stitching each layer before you move onto the next one.

The wrong side will look something like this, if you want to hide the stitching just add a lining in.

Continue on and finish your garment as per the pattern instructions.


Get more inspo here.


  • Kristie

    Monica, you don’t need to do anything special. I typically just use a zig zag especially on metallics as it hides the stitch so well. You can also just use a straight stitch with the stitch length reduced a little.

  • Kristie

    Rebecca, you can use regular Heat n Bond Lite as well, but it is stiffer so becomes a bit more rigid like cardboard if doing a few layers of applique. The stretch version is thinner and less restrictive.

  • Rebecca

    Can you use the regular Heat’n’bond lite? (rather than the soft stretch variety) or will I have problems?

  • Monica

    Do you have to do anything special because it is lycra/spandex which has so much stretch other than a small zigzag stitch?

  • Cath

    Thanks Carly, Id done some with HTV and some very small ones with applique but this has given me the confidence to try the leotard my girls have requested. ’Beautifully written and gorgeous inspiration photos. Thanks!

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