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Holly Ink Collection

Holly Ink Collection

When you have been begging your Mum for years to let you design your own fabric and she finally says YES! ūü•≥

Holly photographed her ink artwork then put it in Illustrator to create a repeat pattern. We found that photographing it worked better than scanning as it captured reflection in the metallic bits. After that I helped her play with the scale to get an idea of how it would look on a garment. We used an illustration of the size 7 embrace togs to make sure it would work well for smallish patterns as well as bigger ones!

Holly knew that 1 colourway was simply not enough so she recoloured her artwork to add her dream colours!
Then she had the l-o-n-g (not that long) wait to see her samples!

The day her fabric samples arrived. ūü•≥ She loved them and said everything was just perfect and she wouldn't change a thing! Always nice when they are right first go!

Holly had a very specific list of demands for what she wanted made with each of her fabrics. First up on her list was a portrait dress in green! She took one look in the mirror and said "WOAH, I have never worn anything in these colours before, I am like a bright shiny star!"¬†‚≠źÔłŹ

Holly's grey colourway looks great as activewear and she requested a new netball training outfit. Pocket Leggings + Dolman top patterns were used to make this dream come true!

Holly wavers between loving and loathing pink. Right now she is in a loving pink phase especially a dusty pink. She chose the Graduation Dress with the circle sleeves from the Portrait Dress pattern for this one!
When the sample of this one first arrived, it was her favourite by far. Now she has changed her mind 100,000 times and every day there is a new favourite! We had some stunning weather at the beach yesterday and she just loves her new zip suit our lovely friend Simone made for her. It is her most favourite EVER!
It seemed fitting to finish on MY favourite. Holly desperately wanted a Graduation Dress in the blue. I made the ties a feature using our new solid, Blueberry. We both LOVE this dress and it has been in high rotation since it was made! We have also made a bralette and drop shoulder hoodie (in thermo) in the blue!




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