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Instructions for Printing with Layers

Instructions for Printing with Layers

Some PDF patterns now offer the option to use layers.  

The main reason people like to use layers is because you are able to print only the sizes that you are interested in which can make cutting out and blending sizes easier.

If you haven't used layers before, here is a quick run down of how it works.

1. Download Adobe Reader if you don't already have it.

2. Save your PDF file to your computer (currently it is not possible to print with layers from mobile devices).

3. Right click to open file with Adobe Reader.

4. Click on the layers icon 

If your layers icon is not appearing, go to View > Show/Hide > Navigation Panes > Layers

5. Select the sizes you wish to print by deselecting unwanted sizes.


5. Ensure actual size is selected when printing. 

As time permits the most popular older patterns will be updated to include layers.

The patterns that include layers are: 

  • BOO! Donut Skirt [FREE PATTERN]
  • BOO! Mermaid Skirt [FREE PATTERN]
  • BOO! Leggings
  • BOO! Squad Togs
  • BOO! Swimmers
  • BOO! Sleeved Skater Dress
  • BOO! Spandex Skater Dress 
  • BOO! Dolman Dress
  • BOO! Dynamite Activewear
  • BOO! Flounce Dress
  • BOO! Embrace Togs
  • BOO! Tank Dress
  • BOO! Portrait Dress
  • BOO! Bralette
  • BOO! Ultimate Suit
  • BOO! Sleeved Leotard


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