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Mask Making Elastic Alternative

Mask Making Elastic Alternative

With the new mandate of mask wearing in Victoria a lot of us have been asked by friends and family if we can help out with sewing up some masks.  One of the biggest issues at the moment is the availability of elastic.  While swim spandex doesn't fall into the recommended fabric guidelines for mask making in Australia, it is a fabulous option for making ear loops. Not only is it softer and more comfortable, it is way more fashionable as well!  You are not limited to using swim fabric, you can try it out on any stretchy fabric you have laying around, even old t-shirts.

Here are 2 methods you can use.


Cut a 1" (2.5cm) wide strip of fabric. 

Fold it in half length ways and stitch with a 1/4" (0.7cm seam). 

Use a loop turner, safety pin or your favourite turning tool to turn it. 


Cut a 1" (2.5cm) wide strip of fabric

Stretch it out... like R-E-A-L-L-Y stretch it (a bunch of times)!
(this is a good one to get the kids involved with)

The edges will turn in beautifully to create a lovely tube shape.

If you have your heart set on using elastic, leave your great quality woven elastic sitting safely in your stash and search for 3mm or 6mm braided, flat, knitted, round or hat elastic which are a softer, stretchier and more comfortable to wear around your ears. 

If you are a business making masks, you are welcome to drop your link on the BOO! facebook page here and people have also been sharing what patterns they are using there too.

Stay safe. x


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