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Merrylock Overlocker Review

Merrylock Overlocker Review

I was recently asked by Echidna Sewing if I wanted to take home one of their brand new Merrylock Overlockers for a test run to see if I liked how it performed with spandex. 

I know a few of you are curious about these machines because they are brand new to the Australian market. I had a good play, made 4 garments and tested out a bunch of stitches and wanted to give you some feedback based on my experiences. 

  • It was easy to thread and use. 
  • It had no issues feeding the fabric. 
  • It handled elastic and rubber beautifully. 
  • It didn't have any trouble going over layers although I did help feed it when I knew a seam was coming (I also have to do this with Janome and Juki overlocker). 
  • I found the plate and under side of the foot to be slightly slippery compared to my Babylock so it was difficult to keep the layers together when starting to sew things in the round. I was able to overcome this easily by adding a dab of glue or keeping a pin at my starting point until I had it positioned under the foot. 
  • It worked beautifully with both all purpose and stretch thread and I was able to stretch the hell out of it and twist it with no broken threads.
  • I think it does a lovely rolled hem, I can't achieve one that nice on my Babylock.
  • I love that this machine had a flat lock stitch option which do not always come with machines in this price bracket. If I owned one, I would probably use this all the time. I actually don't use it on my Babylock enough because it is slightly more complicated to change the settings, but it was easy on this machine.
  • The manual is comprehensive and has a good page telling you all the settings for different stitches and is thorough in telling you how to thread the machine.

I love the thread catcher and led light (also in the threading area which is great for night threading). The free arm would be a really nice bonus for those who use bands a lot.

I have a Janome 644D and a Babylock Imagine and have had a good play with the Juki MO-2000QVP so I only have those to compare to. This is a really nice machine and I don't have any hesitation in recommending it for spandex sewing.
The Imagine is nice because it has auto-tension and I am time poor (but I also find this a bit limiting at times because you can't adjust it).
If I was in the market for another machine, I would get one.

If you are located near an Echidna store, it is definitely worth popping in with some scraps of fabric and having a play for yourself but for those not close by, I hope you find this helpful.

Disclaimer: Customers purchasing from Echidna as part of our Christmas Promo (now ended) receive a $100 BOO! voucher that Echidna purchase from me if you buy one of these machines, so I do benefit from you purchasing, but if it was a rubbish machine, I wouldn't recommend it.

Here are a few of the things I made. 

Reverse coverstitch done on Babylock Coverstitch 
Flatlock done on Merrylock Overlocker

These is the bonus feet pack you get with the machine.  I gave the elastic foot a whirl... loved it!


  • Susan

    I too am pondering overlockers – considering the Brother 2504D from echidna – but after reading your review – will go for this one
    I have no idea how to use an overlocker yet – but I know Echidna will point me in the right direction.

  • Debra Mohr

    I have one of these overlockers, and was just wondering if you are able to advise me on the shirring foot and how to use it.
    I followed attachment and instructions in small book but do not understand the first line which states:
    Feet setting: Set at “2” position any assistance would be appreciated

  • Alexandra

    I’m so glad I came across this review! Thank you so much for the comprehensive breakdown and the videos. I’ve been in the market for a new overlocker for many years but after COVID job losses just couldn’t afford the babylock enspire i was so excited for. I found this review a few weeks ago and preordered a Merrylock mk480 through echidna and it’s just as good as I had imagined. Thank you so much for filling me with a little confidence before I made the leap! Although It helps that echidna are always wonderful to deal with

  • Tracey

    I also layby’d before Christmas after reading/watching your review. II love it, so thank you for the review, like the previous poster it helped to buy sight unseen. Unforunately I missed out on the Boo voucher as I didn’t pay off before Christmas.

    I keep coming back and looking, just girding the loins to try something more than overlocking the seam edges lol.


  • Tracey

    I layby’d one during the Christmas promotion, just waiting to get my room reorganised before paying it off and collecting. I must try and physically call in to Echidna and have a play with someone there to help me. Your review and videos included are awesome. Thank you, it made me feel better about buying something sight unseen.

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