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Pattern Hack: Contrast Cuff Leggings

Pattern Hack: Contrast Cuff Leggings

I was making some leggings (pins) with a cuff today and took a few photos along the way in case you wanted to try it too!

1. Fold your pattern piece so the hem cut length is a size shorter than normal.  In my case, my pattern piece is size 5, so I folded the pattern piece under to cut the cuff at the size 4 length.

2. Cut your contrast approximately 1.75″ (4.5cm) wide.

3. Cut trim width the same width or 1-2cm less wide than the bottom of your leggings.
3. OPTION 1: Fold cuff in half lengthwise and line the raw edges up with the raw edge of the leggings hem.

4. OPTION 1: Overlock or zig zag stitch together.  Optionally top stitch on the lower edge of your main fabric to secure (I don’t bother).

5. OPTION 2: Draw a line approximately 1/2″ (1.25cm) from the edge of the cuff and align with leggings hem.

6. OPTION 2: Stitch cuff to leggings along marked line and optionally overlock the edge (excuse my dodgy stitching I was too lazy to put my stretch needle in)!  Use some dabs of Sewline glue or pin the trim to the wrong side of the fabric.

7. OPTION 2: Top stitch along top of trim to secure using coverstitch, twin needle or stretch stitch.

8. Side by side comparison Option 1 finish on left, Option 2 finish on right.

9. Finish leggings according to the pattern and try on your little customer!

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  • Julie Harris

    Love this fabric, I wonder how it would look as a bodice for a fun party dress with a tulle skirt. Do you plan on bringing any more in stock?

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