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Pattern Hack: Exposed Elastic Waist Leggings

Pattern Hack: Exposed Elastic Waist Leggings
Measure 1.5″ (4cm) down from the top of your leggings pattern piece, then cut down the marked side seam and fold under.  This will form your new pattern piece.  (NOTE: For my next pair I only took 3/4″ (2cm) off the top which centres the elastic more on the waist and the top of the elastic sits 3/4″ (2cm) higher than the normal waist height.  This is because my little monkey has a pot belly and it prevents it from folding down under her tummy) Cut waistband length according to the leggings pattern.  This tutorial uses 1.5″ (38-40mm) elastic available in the BOO! shop.
Cut and sew the leggings as normal until you get to the waist. 
Use the method from the skater skirt pattern to add a flip waist elastic waistband!
As you are sewing the waistband stretch out the leggings and the waist elastic (for both rows of stitching, this will reduce the chance of the thread snapping when stretched to put them on.
That’s it!!  Easy huh!
Lucy from Beetles, Bugs & Butterflies has made these gorgeous ones as well using the black/silver waistband elastic from the BOO! shop.


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