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Pattern Hack: Gallery Dress Playsuit

Pattern Hack: Gallery Dress Playsuit

Turn the Gallery Dress into a Playsuit MY CHINA DOLL Style!

Katy from My China Doll periodically takes custom orders via her Facebook page.  Pop over and check out how amazing she is!

The ‘BooDah Playsuit’ is a mash up of the two designers used and aptly named after my deliciously chubby little doll. I love the tunic length gallery on my crawling, climbing, active little eight month old miss, perfectly paired with a pair of bloomies or nappy cover.

During pattern testing of the gallery, late at night during a baby feeding session when my best ideas come to me, I decided I would try mashing the Boo! Designs Gallery Dress pattern with the Tadah Patterns Seaside Playsuit.

Firstly, you need to print the pattern pieces for both patterns. For this mash, I simply cut out the paper printouts, but you can trace your required sizes if desired. From the seaside playsuit pattern, I used the front and back playsuit pattern pieces and snap panel pattern piece. You will require all pattern pieces from the gallery tunic.

To create the pattern pieces, you need the front seaside playsuit pattern piece with the front gallery bodice pattern piece and the back seaside playsuit pattern piece with the back gallery bodice pattern piece.

For the front BooDah playsuit pattern piece, I drew a line across the front seaside playsuit piece, directly under the armhole, which I then placed over the front gallery bodice piece from the bottom of the arm hole.  This ensured I had correct length of the playsuit. I also ensured that the side of both pattern pieces marked fold were completely superimposed.

For the back BooDah playsuit pattern piece, I measured approximately 1″ down from the armhole and drew a line across the back seaside playsuit pattern piece and folded it along this line. This folded piece is then attached to the back bodice pattern piece from the armhole of the back bodice in the same manner as the front. You then need to draw a new side seam line extending from bottom of the arm hole to leg hole so that it all sits perfectly. Once again, you need to ensure that both sides of the pattern piece marked fold are completely superimposed.

The pictures below demonstrate how your pattern pieces and fabric should look once created and then cut.

Follow the instructions exactly as the gallery dress/tunic explains and only refer to seaside playsuit instructions once you are ready to complete the leg holes and snap panel. I used a zipper enclosure for my mashup but you could use any of the back closure methods explained in the gallery dress pattern. When constructing the playsuit mashup, you may find that the leg holes are maligned and in this case it is fine to trim off the excess.

Please note: This modification is applicable to sizes 0 to 3. This method will create quite a full, bubble playsuit, which I love, and is comfortable and non restricting for a baby on the move.

Using the Gallery Dress/Tunic Pattern you have a great variety of options to create unique combinations, even a long sleeved playsuit is a possibility.

Can’t wait to see all of your pimped playsuits. Don’t forget to share in the BOO! and Tadah Pattern groups.

Katy – My China Doll


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