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Pattern Hack: Ruffle Bum Ultimate Suit

Pattern Hack: Ruffle Bum Ultimate Suit

Hi Rockstars!

I'm Lil (a.k.a. Nin Ja Moo) and I am so thrilled to be here!  When Kristie asked if I would do a blog post about adding a frill only on the back of the Boo! Ultimate Suit, I said "Yes!" because you never say "No!" to Mrs. Boo, right?!?!?! ;)

Anyway, getting on to business. Are you ready?

So first, cut the back of your pattern along the line for adding a frill. Now remember to add the seam allowance on both back pieces (top and bottom) to account for the frill.

This is how it should look when you're done.

Cut out your fabric as per the pattern except when you cut your frill piece, don't cut it on the fold. Cutting it on the fold is for a frill both on the front and back of the pattern. You will also need to be mindful of the height you choose because we are going to be sewing the sides of the frill down when we sew the sides of the suit and if you have it too long, it will interfere with sewing your leg elastic.

Now make a mid-point mark on your frill and on your back bottom piece. Sew a gathering stitch on your frill (make sure your gathering stitch is within the seam allowance if you're not planning to unpick it at the end). If you're making a double frill, sew and gather both pieces at the same time. Match the sides of your frill with the sides of your bottom piece and match the mid point as well. Make sure both pieces are right sides facing up before you gather. Otherwise, there will be lots of swear words! *Been there, done that!*

Gather the frill to suit the width of the back bottom. Leave a little bit on the sides not gathered so that it's easier to sew the sides when we come to that (I just leave a finger space but you can measure 0.5" if you think that's easier).

Once you've gathered the frill, baste it onto the back bottom and then sew the bottom back with the top back, right sides together. Once completed, follow the instructions for the Basic Ultimate Suit on pg.11-13, making sure that when you sew your side seams on Step 5 that you catch the sides of your frill at the same time (use your choice of
pins, glue or clips).

And that's all there is to it!

So you're all set now. Don't forget to post your creations in the Boo! Group and come find me on my facebook page to show me your awesome back frill.

Until next time, Rockstars, be kind and get your frill on!

You can purchase your Ultimate Suit pattern via One Thimble as either part of Issue 13 or a stand alone pattern here


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