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Pattern Hack: Skirted Swim Briefs

Pattern Hack: Skirted Swim Briefs

Hi, I am Mary-Anne from Missy Moo.

I feel pretty honoured (and nervous) that Kristie asked if I’d like to write up a blog tute on how I make my skirted swim briefs. I’m often asked if it’s a Boo pattern and it kinda is….It’s 3 Boo patterns mashed together!

You’ll need the following pattern pieces:

  • The circle frill from the Ultimate Suit
  • The classic briefs from the Swimmers pattern 
  • The waistband from the free Donut Skirt or Mermaid Skirt patterns

Firstly, you’ll need to trace out your briefs, but you need to remove some of the height from the front and back to allow for the contrast waistband to be added (YAY for no elastic lol!) Now since I’m no pattern designer, or mathematician for that matter, I didn’t sit down and nut out *exactly* how much I needed to remove so I took 3.5cm from top of the front and back of the pattern pieces. This works for me for all sizes!

Here’s what you’ll have now.

Cut out all your pieces and if you’re like me and love to line your swimmers with the awesome lining from Boo, cut that out now too.


Continue to construct briefs according to the Swimmers pattern.


Mark your quarter points on both the briefs and the circle skirt and then match up and pin together. 


Baste your circle skirt to the top of your briefs. 

Complete waistband according to Donut Skirt/Mermaid Skirt pattern, mark quarter points and attach to briefs. 


Sew leg elastic according to Swimmers pattern.

VOILA! Skirted briefs!  Here are a few of the ones I have made! 


  • Lynette

    Could you use the centre of the donut skirt for the frill/skirt like you do for the butterfly dress skirt?

  • Rach

    Thank you!! Turned out awesome

  • Emilee Scott

    Thanks you for your Blog. It helps a lot?

  • kirsty radford

    awesome thanks, just about to try this

  • Lynne

    Thank you for explaining this so well, will be trying a few of these for granddaughters.

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