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Pattern Hack: Swimsuit Leg Ruffles

Pattern Hack: Swimsuit Leg Ruffles

Do you like things a little ruffley? Katy from My China Doll shares her tips and tricks for adding ruffles to the legs of BOO! swimwear. 

For a super cute, on trend addition to BOO! Swimmers, I LOVE to add leg flutters. They can be added to any of the BOO! swimmers or leotard patterns. 

Firstly, print the ruffle pattern piece from the Portrait Dress pattern.

You can cut your ruffle pattern piece in the same size as the swimmers you are making, but I prefer a narrower flutter; so you need to make some modifications to the portrait ruffle pattern piece. 

Draw a line from the size 2 ruffle (refer to image below) and extend it to the size you are making  (in this case I am making a size 6) to creative a new curved piece. 

Cut out the pattern piece along the newly drawn line and along the dotted line for not hemming. 

Using the new ruffle pattern piece, cut 2 leg flutters on the fold in the spandex of your choice. On the wrong side of the fabric, mark the quarters with an erasable fabric marker. 

Take your main swimmer body piece and mark the elastic placement at the crotch. Measure 2 inches (5cm) up from this front elastic placement mark and draw a mark. Repeat for both front leg holes. This mark will be where the front tip of the flutter will be placed. 

Now take the main back swimmer body piece and measure 2 inches (5cm) up from where the crotch seam will be (arrow in image below) and draw a mark. Repeat for both back leg holes. This mark will be where the back tip of the flutter will be placed. 

Now gather the straight edge of the leg flutters using your preferred gathering method. I prefer to use the zig zag gathering method on spandex because it is a stretch stitch. 

Sew the crotch of the front and back swimmer pieces as per the pattern. Using the marks made earlier, I like to mark the quarter points in between for precise gathering. 

Match the marks you made on the leg gatherings to the marks on the leg openings. The gathered leg flutter should be positioned over the side seam and gathered to fit. I like to pin or clip in place and top stitch with a stretch stitch. Finish the leg opening with elastic and top stitch as per the pattern instructions.

Admire the adorable leg flutters you have just created!

Happy Sewing
xx Katy

Frilly Lilly . Jolly Ollie 
My China Doll

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  • John M. Bridges

    This is so cool, Katy! I’ve never thought about adding ruffles to me and my kids swimsuits. Your post makes it super clear how to do it, and I appreciate that you shared the clothing patterns too. It’s so cute and these ruffles are a great twist on the typical swimsuit. who wouldn’t love the upgrade!

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