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Pattern Hack: Sleeved Skater Dress with Mesh

Pattern Hack: Sleeved Skater Dress with Mesh

By Carly from Miss Edee Designs.

In this tutorial I will show you what adjustments I make when using power mesh on the bodice of a sleeved skater dress

Decide where you would like the mesh to sit on the bodice and mark the pattern pieces. Cut on the marked lines.

Cut out your bodice pieces ensuring you remember to add your seam allowance where your spandex and mesh will be joined together. Cut the banded binding.

Pin/clip together your spandex and mesh. Stitch using your preferred method.

Push the seam down towards the spandex and topstitch on the spandex side. This ensures the seam is not visible through the power mesh. I like to use a straight stitch but you could also use your twin needle for this.

With right sides together, sew the tops of the bodice together and attach the sleeves. I like to use a stretch stitch in a co-ordinating thread and trim down the seam allowance, rather than using the overlocker. This will make the seam less noticeable through the mesh.



Finish your side seams and sleeve hems as per the pattern instructions.

Turn your bodice inside out. Attach the banded binding using the same method in the instructions, but you will be attaching it to the inside of the bodice rather than the outside.

Turn your bodice right side out. Fold your binding over to the outside to hide the stitching. Attach using your preferred method. I like to use a straight stitch or twin needle for this. Continue on to attach the skirt as per the pattern instructions.

Patterns: BOO! Designs Sleeved Skater Dress (skirt modified), wings modified version of Wife-Made Butterfly Wings
Fabrics: Metallic CloverPower Mesh NudeMetallic Silver (wings)



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