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Pattern Hack: Ultimate Flounce

Pattern Hack: Ultimate Flounce

By Carly Targato (Miss Edee Designs)

Off the shoulder swimmers are very on trend at the moment and can be easily created by mashing the ultimate suit and flounce dress together. By mashing these 2 patterns you will get the beautiful firm fit of the ultimate with the stylish finish of the flounce dress.

Pattern pieces you will need:

  • Ultimate Suit: Front 
  • Ultimate Suit: Back
  • Ultimate Suit: Lining
  • Flounce Dress: Flounce Dress Front Bodice 
  • Flounce Dress: Flounce Dress Back Bodice
  • Flounce Dress: Shoulder Flounce

I will be making a straight size 8 but if you need to blend sizes do your normal pattern adjustments now before we start.

Take your flounce dress front bodice and lay it over the top of the ultimate suit front. Line up the underarm corner of both pattern pieces and ensure the centre front/backs are aligned.

Your pattern piece should now be looking like this.

Because the ultimate suit is designed to stretch to fit the body we need to increase the torso length a little if making sleeveless swimmers so we don't have any unfortunate incidents. We will do this by cutting straight across the waist extension line on the ultimate suit.

Repeat above steps with the back pattern pieces.

Complete steps 2, 3 & 5 from Ultimate Suit instructions then add leg elastics according to the tutorial.

Complete steps 2-12 from Flounce Dress tutorial.  Shoulder straps are optional depending on your desired look.

You're all done. Sit back and admire your beautiful work and wait for the squeals of excitement.


  • Rachal

    This looks amazing!
    I’m just wondering. I only have the Boo! Leotard pattern and can’t afford to buy the Ultimate pattern right now. Would this still work with the Leo pattern and would I still have to add the 3/4” strip at the middle?

  • Marie

    Wow thankyou need to try this

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