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DIY Pool Noodle Cover

DIY Pool Noodle Cover

By Helen Cooper from Sweet Saturday.

My daughter had her first 2 week’s of swimming lessons with school, she came home with massive friction burns under each arm from the pool noodle. I sent her with her own that I had made a cover for, low and behold the swim teacher was wrapped and needed to order some for her own kids!

Here is a quick overview of what I did so you can make your very own pool noodle cover! 

Tutorial based on a 147cm x 22cm diameter pool noodle but can be easily adjusted to suit other sizes.

Cut a strip of spandex 23cm x 148cm WOF.

Overlock/stretch stitch the bottom and side seam of the cover. 

Create a 5/8" (1.5cm) hem on the open end and stitch leaving a 2cm opening to thread the elastic.

Thread a 7" (18cm) piece of 3/8" (10mm) elastic through the casing, overlap the end 3/8" (1cm) and stitch.
I use a dab of Boo! Glue to secure the elastic together so I can sew it!  Sew up the opening gap.
(Alternatively, you can create the elastic loop first and attach and finish it the same way you would with togs/leotard legs). 

The cover will be firm to put on.  Once on, tuck the elastic end in to the noodle hole!

I hope you enjoy matching your noodle covers!


  • Belinda

    Hi! When you say spandex, should I be using a swimwear Lycra fabric? I’m thinking cotton spandex would be very good?? I was just looking on spotlight and get a bit confused when looking at knit fabrics. Thanks!

  • annie Harrison

    Thanks you

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