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Pattern Hack: Rashie Sleeve Binding

Pattern Hack: Rashie Sleeve Binding

By Simone from India's Closet.

Im so excited to be able to sew the tweenie rashie for Indy so I have used that pattern to demonstrate this hack.

Cut your rashie out, and 4 strips of fabric, I cut mine 1” wide. Make the strips the length of the sleeve seam plus a little extra.

Fold your strips in half and pin.

Once you have them pinned and ready to go, pin them to your rashie, you can either: 
a) baste the binding on and then baste the sleeve on then sew
b) do it all in one go with the overlocker
Both options are demonstrated below (a. on left, b. on right)


Now get sewing, take your time as they can slip a little!

Spend some time admiring how awesome your rashie looks with the extra pop of colour.


Trim the excess fabric off and don’t forget to overlock all the sides (I have forgotten before in the excitement of wanting it finished).

Finish off your rashie, I have changed the neckline a little by using the wrapped binding techniques from the spandex skater dress (or sleeved skater dress).  I used the same length of the neck band of the tweenie bikini and width according to skater dress.
Once you have finished please share your awesome creation in the pattern club!  Here is mine all finished.

Pattern: BOO! Designs Tweenie Bikini
Fabric: Grunge Bright, Solid Amarilis

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  • Susan Ford

    I love this hack. Thank you!

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