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Spandex Dog Collar

Spandex Dog Collar

Your furry BFF deserves a little BOO! too!

Tara from Little Pretties Handmade has been making gorgeous spandex-covered dog collars for her dog and has detailed how to make both cat and dog versions so you can match with your bestie! 


  • BOO! spandex/swim fabric  
  • 1 store bought collar  


  • Strapping at desired width ( I use 0.75 inch ) 
  • 1 inch D ring 
  • 1 inch side release clip 
  • 1 inch tri-glide slide
  • belt loop keeper 

There are so many gorgeous colours, sizes and styles available on Etsy, eBay or you can google 'DIY dog collar kit'.  

Webbing length measurements recommendations:  

  • XS dog: 15 inches 
  • Small dog: 17 inches ( I used this one for a Border Collie puppy) 
  • Medium dog: 24 inches 
  • Large dog: 30 inches 
  • XL dog: 35 inches  
  • Kitten: 0.25 inch by 12 inches 
  • Cat: 0.25 inches by 15 inches 


If you have purchased a ready made collar, carefully unpick it so you have all the pieces separate. Measure the length and width of the strapping now to get your fabric piece:

Strap length x double strap width plus seam allowance.  For 0.75 inch strapping I did 1.75 width by 17 inches which included my seam allowance. 

I found the tube method to have a neater finish rather than wrapping it around the strapping due to the stretchy fabric. 

Sew your fabric with right sides together to make a tube

With a safety pin turn it the right side out
. Place a safety pin on the end of the webbing and thread through. It should be a nice firm fit as the fabric will stretch and sit nicely. 

As you pull the fabric over you can pull it so that there is an overhang of about half an inch and leave it there.  

Top stitch this on both sides. I try to make sure the seam sits on the bottom of the collar so you can't see the seam. 

Thread the tri-glide clip onto the collar from the right. Fold it over so the bottom on the collar is facing inwards before you stitch the end down. Fold the excess fabric under this is so the ends are not too bulky when stitching down. 

Thread through the belt looper and the male side of the side clip on the right side of the collar and now thread back through the tri-glide slide. Top stitch the male side of the collar in place. 

Thread the D ring onto the collar and the female part of the buckle. Fold the strapping on the wrong side underneath the D ring and clip. Fold the excess fabric and top stitch to secure it.  Stitch a line across to hold the D ring into place and finally another line for the female buckle.'re done! The perfect use for your BOO! scraps!

If you want to make a matching leash, it's the same method of 1.75 inches by the length of your desired leash. Mine was 50 inches long; I purchased a second D ring and snap hook.




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