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Pattern Hack: Tulle Skater Dress

Pattern Hack: Tulle Skater Dress

By Katy Lam of My China Doll

Adding a gorgeous tulle overlay to the Boo! Skater dress can add that extra bit of wow to an outfit. I like to use poly stretch net such as the one available on the BOO! website. It is soft to wear and not too bulky in the waist seam.

Choose which pattern you are using for the bodice; sleeved skater dress, spandex skater dress or the flounce dress.  Cut out your bodice pieces and pop aside.
Use either the skirt pattern from the dress pattern you have used for the bodice or use the dress length from the free donut skirt pattern to cut the 'under skirt'. 

Next step is to complete sewing up the bodice pieces as per the dress instructions.

Download the free Tulle Overlay pattern piece.

For this tutu skater dress pictured above, I have used 1 layer of magical white stretch net and 2 layers of white stretch net which gives a really special effect. Alternatively, for a less full tutu you can cut 1 fancy layer and 1 regular layer which is equally as pretty.

To cut the net skirts, fold fabric in half to align selvages. Fold again from top to bottom.  Place tulle overlay pattern piece on top matching straight edges to folds and cut.  Mark quarter points on the waist of the net layers.

There are 2 options here, you can align all of your net layers together and gather the waist all in one go or to maximise the puffiness gather each layer individually. I prefer to gather and attach each layer separately, but that is personal preference. I use a zig zag gathering method because it allows for more stretch.  If using a straight stitch to gather, you will need to remove the stitches after attaching the skirt so not to restrict the stretch.

Match the quarter points of the gathered tulle skirt to the bodice and baste  together using a straight stitch on the longest stitch length. I repeat this process for the remaining 2 tulle layers (if you have gathered them separately).

Attach the spandex under skirt layer to the bodice over the tulle layers. I use a triple stretch stitch followed by overlocking for durability.

Yay you're all finished, you can now admire your gorgeous tutu skater dress.

Hapy sewing
Xx Katy


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