Heat N Bond Lite Soft Stretch (Roll)

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HeatnBond Soft Stretch™ LITE is a SEWABLE, lightweight iron-on web adhesive specially designed to move with your stretch fabric while maintaining a strong bond! There is no added bulk and maintains a soft hand after fusing. Great to use with knits, stretch denim, spandex, jersey fabrics, fleece and flannel.

Features & Benefits

  • Permanent
  • Heat Activated
  • Double-sided adhesive
  • Designed for stretch fabrics!
  • Great for appliqués!
  • Eliminates pinning!
  • Doesn’t gum up needles!
Machine wash cold delicate cycle and tumble dry on low heat or no heat (and in accordance to garment / fabric washing directions). Dry Cleanable. Avoid repeated or excessive ironing to the area after fusing.

Instructions for use
Pre-wash all materials without fabric softeners.
Pretest adhesive on materials before starting project.
1. Preheat iron to warm heat, no steam. Place web adhesive on the wrong side of the fabric to be bonded (paper liner should face up).
2. Place and hold iron on the paper liner for 5 seconds. Repeat until entire surface is bonded. Allow to cool.
3. Cut to size or shape needed. Peel off paper liner.
4. Place project, web adhesive side down, on top of fabric. With steam, press and hold iron for 20 seconds on each section until entire piece is bonded.
5. Machine or hand sew as desired.

When applying applique to spandex it is important to use a non-stick pressing mat or cotton cloth over the spandex to prevent heat damage.  Always test on a scrap before applying to your project.

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