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Pattern Hack: Skewed Jammers

Pattern Hack: Skewed Jammers

By Kristy from Miss Macie Designs

The day had come when my boys decided they were too grown up to wear the boys swimming briefs and now required “Jammers” for their school swimming lessons. So, I decided to make my eldest a pair of the Leggings shortened to just above the knee.

Whilst I’d seen them made for many boys before, I wasn’t a big fan of the seam down the centre of the crotch on my boys – they seemed to confuse their “bits” and they didn’t know which way to go!!! I’m also not a big fan of the crotch “pocket” for boys as I think this accentuates the area (fussy much? lol) I remembered seeing a pair of brand name “jammers” with an off centred front seam and thought I would give it a go. I loved the result! Thanks to skills I have learned from using Boo! Patterns in the past, this is how I did it.

Start by printing or tracing out two of the Leggings pattern piece in the size you require. If you don’t have your model handy to measure the inseam of how long you would like them, a good guide is to use halfway between the mini and sports length.

Lets call them “Pattern Piece 1” and “Pattern Piece 2”

You will need to alter the front crotch seam of the pattern pieces to create the angle. The front crotch seam is the lower of the two sides (the one on the right above).

Take Pattern Piece 1 and measure the half way point of the waist. I personally like the look of the more dramatic angle, however you could create a less dramatic angle by marking the quarter point if you prefer.


Then take a ruler and draw a straight line from the half way mark you made on the waist to just where the pattern starts to curve up at the bottom of the crotch seam (see pic below).


Cut out both of your pattern pieces and cut along the new seam line you just made on Pattern Piece 1. Pattern Piece 1 is now finished.


Now flip this piece over…

… and take it over to the front crotch seam on Pattern Piece 2.

…and join them together. The waist will now be angled up rather than straight and the bottom will cross over slightly but that’s ok. Smooth out the curve where they join at the bottom.

This is how your new Pattern Piece 2 should look…..

Here are your new pattern pieces. Pattern Piece 1 (on the right wrong side up) and Pattern Piece 2 (on the left right side up).

Now cut out your fabric. Don’t forget to make sure you remember to cut your two pieces mirrorred.

I like to start by sewing the back crotch seam first.


Take your time to line up your new front crotch seam. Sewline glue is your friend here!

Continue to finish according to the instructions in the pattern. It’s that easy!

Pattern: BOO! Designs Leggings
Fabrics: Kraken, Solid Black


  • leisha

    So much easier than i pictured in my head guess i was over complicating it. Thank you so much can wait to get sewing today

  • Cathy

    Thank you Kristy, my daughter showed me a picture of the ones our grandson wears and exactly the same as yours and I wanted to give them ago but wasn’t sure how to do it so now I can have a go with your pattern thank you very much.

  • Monique

    These are fabulous. Well done. I think I might try this.

  • Leanne Swain

    That’s really cool. Thank you for sharing. It would be a really nice quirky alternative for girls too.

  • Sharon

    Thank Kristy you have made something that looks hard easy to do . Well done

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