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Unicorn Dress

Unicorn Dress

Download the Butterfly Skirt waist cut guide pattern piece here (if you already have the donut skirt waist cut out, you can just use that). 

The unicorn dress panel is best suited to dresses sizes 2-10.
You can attach the circle based skirt to: 

  • Donut Skirt/Mermaid Skirt (free patterns) waistband to create a skirt
  • Spandex Skater Dress bodice to create a racer back, racer front or classic skater dress
  • Sleeved Skater Dress bodice to create a flutter sleeve, mini sleeve, short sleeve or long sleeved skater dress
  • Flounce Dress
  • Sundress (Flounce Dress Pattern) 
  • Bralette 
  • Twin Swim
  • Tweenie Bikini
  • Infinity Leotard 
  • Bandeau Dress
  • Illusion Dress

Cutting the Skirt

Carefully cut around outline of the skirt.  A subtle printed outline has been added which can be used as a cut guide.  

The skirt centre is where the hair meets.

Fold skirt in half and align waist cut pattern piece with centre to cut waist.  
Mark quarter points on skirt waist.  
Note that the skirt outline is NOT symmetrical, we wanted it to look lovely and fluid!

Bodice Placement

The face has been designed to suit sizes 2-10.  For the smaller sizes, the face can be positioned so the mouth or mouth and some of the nose are cut off.  This one has been positioned quite low with mouth cut off to maximise the amount of rainbow on the bodice.

Size 4 Sleeved Skater Dress - Mini Sleeve by BOO! Designs

For smaller size skater dress bodices, you can better accommodate the wings by reversing them. 

Size 2 width/4 length Spandex Skater Dress by i.e.Kids

If using wings on the back of a sundress, it will only work on larger sizes.  

Size 8 Flounce Dress - Sundress (bodice lengthened slightly to accommodate wings) by My China Doll

Puffy princess sleeve hack from the blog has been used to create this cute look! 

Size 5 Sleeved Skater Dress with princess sleeve hack by My China Doll

Size 7 Sleeved Skater Dress - Flutter Sleeve by Horris & Deedle

Size 5 Spandex Skater Dress by Crinkly Cotton

Size 5 Spandex Skater Dress by Crinkly Cotton

Size 3 width/5 length Spandex Skater Dress by Applegail

Size 7 Spandex Skater Dress by Miss Edee Designs

You can view more of the inspiration team unicorn dress panel creations here.

Alternative Skirt Options

Size 2 Sleeved Skater Dress bodice with size 2 Spandex Skater Dress Skirt by Monkey Maher

Use this option for: 

  • Knee length skirt for smaller sizes
  • More fabric conservative skirt for larger sizes (so you can use remaining skirt pieces for other things)

Use skirt from: 

  • sleeved skater dress (pictured above in size 2) *most fabric conservative
  • flounce dress (even hem)
  • spandex skater dress
  • mermaid skirt (use full circle skirt but place the waist off centre for a lovely hi-low skirt)

Place pattern pieces to align with skirt hem.

Maintain the shaped hem and use side seams and waist on pattern piece to cut skirt.  Be careful when creating your side seams that you make the seam lengths fairly even and start sewing from the hem to the waist so you can make little tweaks if needed to even up the seam length.

Using this method with some creative cutting for the smallest sizes you could possibly get 2 dresses out of a panel where one girl would get a unicorn face front and one would get a wings back.

We hope you enjoy getting creative with your unicorn dress panels!


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